Instagram has experienced the highest growth rate of all time, compared to other social networks. In every part of the world, the sharing of visual posts obtains a very high quantity of intercommunications, which is why, now, this social network serves an invaluable tool for corporate, but also special web marketing.

Let’s understand together how and why to use Instagram Marketing and click here to buy USA followers on Instagram.

Instagram, a brief overview
It comes in 2010, founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kriege, and was born as an application for taking photographs and applying filters.

At some point, the stroke of genius: sharing on social media. Founded at the beginning only for iOS, in 2012, the version for Android also arrives, which allows a rapid and large-scale diffusion.

At this point, Zuckerberg chooses to buy the app, converting it into a real social network, very important, today almost as satisfying as Facebook.

Why do marketing with Instagram
Unlike other social networks, users on Instagram are characterized by average lower age, certainly less formal and moment-oriented behavior.

So, it is an important tool to tell the human side of a brand or product, its less institutional aspect, the more pleasant one.

It is a sort of backstage – always official – of corporate communication, but artfully made. Perfect for creating the most original site of a web marketing campaign spread on different media.

At the company level, here are some numbers: from the data, more than 60% of users follow a brand, offering more than 50% greater corporate visibility than Facebook.

The engagement rate on Instagram is 4% and is leveraged on user loyalty.

Instagram and social media marketing
We have made a very beautiful and confident portrait of this social network, but to use it efficiently as a marketing tool, it is not quite to publish photos and images at arbitrary.

On the contrary, a well-defined strategy is needed, clear objectives from the beginning, professional, and even work, an editorial project that presents the story believable, consistent, and builds loyalty with the followers.

All elements that allow you to reach your target audience and strengthen the brand, even if it’s just your own image.

So, it is good to start from the definition of the objectives, only in this way you will understand, consequently to whom you refer and how to write.

Overall, Instagram is the perfect tool for a business that wants to tell its product, at the same time, creating a reference community and increasing the authoritativeness and loyalty to the brand.

Then you move on to the target, which is essential for making up your content strategy. At this point, you need to optimize your profile, create an editorial plan, define the times, and, of course, monitor the campaign with the analysis of the results.

The Instagram profile, how to optimize it
The business card on Instagram is your profile, whether it be a person or a company.

Here we can enter the information that we deem beneficial. In the event of a company profile, we may also include the link to the site in line to make visits and attention.

A few lines are available to tell what we are dealing with. Generally, there is a tendency to insert a slogan or hashtag that will become recurrent in communication.

The profile image is the second fundamental element: each user will recognize us through it; for a company, it obviously means inserting its own logo or identification image.

A short separate speech must be made on the links: taking into account that on Instagram, we cannot insert links to his posts that we publish, the only space to refer to your site is your personal profile.

Among the profile information, we can include the link to the homepage of the business website or even to a landing page designed ad hoc.

Now, with the Company Profile, you can also combine the Instagram profile with your Facebook page, you can have acumen data of promotions, as well as statistics on participants and published posts.

The heart of the strategy: the contents
The contents on Instagram are purely visual; on social media, there are over 95 million photos and videos that are shared every day by the subscribers.

Many businesses prefer to use this social network to tell an aspect of the brand, which can be a product line, the community, or corporate philosophy.

The only course is to produce content that entertains and involves followers. Some idea?

Maybe focus on the human side of the company or brand, on the people who work, behind the scenes, on the use of products, and so on.

If the visual material of good quality and is consistent with the type of brand or story it has to tell, the followers will read the caption.

Now you can also distribute video content: 60-second videos, Instagram Stories, and photo albums.

To do it better, you can also use Instagram video apps made specifically, such as Boomerang or Diptic or even Flipagram.

Instagram Marketing, how much and when to post
Regarding the frequency with which to post content on Instagram, many large companies claim to have an aggregate of 1.5 posts in a day, and a common but not disturbing story can engage followers and create the necessary involvement.

According to recent research, the most suitable days are Monday and Thursday between 8 and 9.

However, you need to pay attention to your target audience and thus know their habits to understand when it is better to publish a post and at what time.

The analysis of the results
Monitoring the progress of Instagram Marketing campaigns is fundamental to understand if it is the right direction, if something is wrong, to know the feelings and customs of your target, and redefine the promotional strategy.

With the breakdown of the results, we will also learn which type of content and topic has captured the most attention and model the strategy on the basis of the best results.

There are also tools that track performance and monitor trends in social media marketing campaigns.