Active Followers On Instagram: Reasons To Order Them

From searching for information about promoting an account on Instagram, I think your head is already boiling. We will not write long introductions. We will simply provide you with information about a service that definitely deserves your attention, and you yourself will be able to decide what you need.

Audience quality

Instagram analyzes the behavioral factor and easily detects bots, so all You to Subs subscribers are real people with personal pages. Accounts of performers are carefully analyzed, bots and mass followers are 100% excluded, and the following indicators are taken into account: account age (minimum 3 months), the presence of real photos (minimum 15), the presence of subscribers (minimum 40), and the number of subscriptions (no more than 600).


With You to Subs, you will not be blocked or shadowbanned. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Each of your subscribers will show activity similar to "real" subscribers. Instagram algorithms recognize this as organic activity on your account and start suggesting your posts in the recommendation feed and pushing them to the top.


You to Subs provides a live audience that subscribes to an account and is active in it. That is all likes, comments, and views of stories you get from your subscribers. In your personal account, you can view the activity of each performer and dismiss him if he is not active enough.

Story Views

Viewing stories is included even in the minimum activity package. No other service other than You to Subs will offer you followers to view your stories.

No malicious transitions

Instagram has long compiled a list of "cheat" sites when switching from which template behavior is fixed: logged in, liked, logged out. Such activity does not benefit but only harms your account. For this reason, You to Subs has moved away from working through the site as much as possible. All actions on your page are performed without transitions from the site. Subscribers go to their Instagram profile and view stories and feed. They see your post, like it, and comment.


The cooperation scheme proposed in You to Subs implies a systematic visit to the customer's page. This behavior looks natural because this is how users who subscribe to the account behave. Therefore, the minimum period for which you can order subscribers is 10 days. Every day, each subscriber will go to your profile and be active on new publications.


You to Subs offers a very competitive price for LIVE subscribers that you won't find on any other service.

One active subscriber, who will view all stories and put like marks on each publication, costs only 1.5 rubles per day.

Free test

You can evaluate the quality of the service using a free test contract. For 5 days, you will get 50 active subscribers, of which 40 will view stories and like them. And 10 more, in addition to story views and likes, will write comments.