Why Do Followers Leave On Instagram, And How To Fix It?

For any Instagram account, both commercial and personal, the appearance of new followers, as satisfactorily as the departure of old ones, is natural and normal. People subscribe to an account that interests them in their content. Having lost interest, they leave. In recent years, Instagram has seen a downward trend in organic reach. This means that fewer people see your posts, and you are less likely to end up in the “Interesting” section. As a result, the influx of subscribers is decreasing, while the outflow, on the contrary, is gradually growing.

These phenomena are caused by the following reasons:

High competitive environment. There are many different kinds of accounts. Almost every niche is quickly overgrown with content from many people at once.

Changes in the mechanisms of Instagram. The system does everything so that users see posts that are interesting and relevant to them. In order to decide what is best for you to show, Instagram takes into account everything: the frequency of posts, activity in your account, the interest of a particular person in particular content, etc.

It would seem that all this is very good. Instagram is getting more content, including high-quality content. But there is also the other side of the coin. There is so much content in the feed that you are simply not able to study it all! So are your Instagram followers that you buy, by the way. If they are not actively interacting with your account, they will see your posts less and less. Until they completely forget that they subscribed to you.

The outflow of followers can occur for the following reasons:

Loss of the subscriber’s interest in the account, topics, and services;

Irrelevant (irrelevant, boring, monotonous) content;

The emergence of a competitor in a niche – someone publishes more interesting and high-quality content in your niche.

You are posting too much content. Followers are tired of you.

Unsubscribing mass followers, commercial accounts – those who subscribed receive a reciprocal subscription. In your account, they are usually not interested. The same category includes bots that Instagram blocks (and therefore unsubscribes from you) on its own.

You somehow pissed off your subscribers – you published something that caused a sharp rejection among your audience. For example, you spoke sharply on an acute social topic, or you published a vulgar advertising post.

Creativity is good. The main thing is not to overdo it.

If your Instagram has a regular outflow of 0.1-0.2% of the total number of subscribers, this is normal, and there is no reason to panic. If the outflow exceeds these indicators, or there is a sharp unsubscribe, look for the reason in the list above.

What to do to minimize subscriber churn

 Maintain correctness. Do not criticize competitors. Be careful with sensitive topics (politics, religion, etc.), especially if your account is not directly dedicated to them.

Give feedback to real active Instagram followers. React to comments: reply or like. Promptly unsubscribe direct. The latter is especially true for commercial accounts: delay often leads to the loss of a lead.

Constantly improve the quality of content. Use high-quality photos and videos, and write competent and understandable texts. Analyze what is more interesting to subscribers and what content they respond to better.

Publish Instagram content regularly, but not too often (the norm is no more than 3 posts per day).

Observe moderation in advertising goods/services in your account. Where possible, use native advertising.…