How To Get Followers On Instagram Without Cheating

Instagram’s ranking algorithm takes into account likes, comments, and shares. This means that the audience must be alive, which is quite difficult to attract by cheating.

We will tell you the ways that will help you get interested subscribers, but briefly. For such a topic, a separate article is needed.

Targeted advertising

An effective but expensive way. But if you set up your ads correctly, you can attract a really active audience that will increase the level of interaction, as well as make purchases. The effectiveness will depend on the quality of the content and the settings of the advertising campaign.


Blogger advertising is just as effective, but it can be expensive and even very expensive. In addition, there is a chance of running into an unscrupulous person. For example, he may not release a post at the appointed time, write a weak promotional text, or, if you gave him the text, use it for advertising another profile.

Promotions, contests

Not the most effective strategy, as such promotions attract the attention of “prizes.” A significant part will unsubscribe, but a part will remain.


You can negotiate with novice bloggers about the mutual mention. So you can exchange an audience for free.

Viral content

This method is without any guarantees since not every content will become a virus. You need to come up with something really useful, interesting, or funny to make it go away. But if it shoots, the recoil will be amazing.

Among the white methods of promotion, one cannot say which is better. Different niches have different methods. You can try them all to find a working one.

Instagram limits

Every year, the photo service tightened the screws on gray methods of promotion. If earlier, he published limits, the excess of which is followed by sanctions, but now he does not.

Owners of young accounts (up to 6 months) can focus on the following figures: the total number of subscriptions/unsubscribes, likes, and comments – 30 per hour, per day – 720.

It is important to focus on the indicators per hour. If you follow 20 people, you can only unfollow 10.

It is worth remembering that these figures are approximate. It is best not to get close to these values.

When the account is at least a couple of months old, the close attention of the service will weaken a little, and you can use automatic cheat methods.