Possible Consequences Of Buying Followers On Instagram USA

The number of followers on Instagram is an important indicator of the quality of an account. A large number of participants is important for:

Increasing the cost of advertising. The more popular the account, the more expensive you can sell ads on it. For monetization, at least 5 thousand people are needed.

Increase the target audience for the subsequent sale of goods/services. Here, it is not the quantity but the quality of subscribers that comes to the fore.

Easier growth of participants. No one wants to subscribe to an empty account.

In 2020, Instagram easily found fakes, deleted, and banned the accounts that bought them. Initially, it is better to collect at least offers – accounts created to complete tasks in order to earn money. These are not bots, so the risk of a ban is noticeably lower.

You should not get involved in cheating, especially if you are selling something. She can recruit several thousand people, but then you will have to use the white methods of Instagram promotion.

Low activity. For example, you have 10 thousand subscribers, but there are no comments and there are few likes. Because of this, the ER (engagement level) is small, and the service will not boost your posts in the news feed.

The photo service will show non-TA posts, and accessing it will be problematic.

If you later want to run targeted ads, it will be shown on fakes. And this is a drain on the advertising budget.

Well, the biggest disadvantage: offers and bots will buy nothing, which means that a business account is useless.

You need to use cheat services wisely and carefully. Let’s take a look at what you need to know about it.

Preparing for wrapping

It makes no sense to attract subscribers to an unprepared account. It is important to make it more or less attractive so that people are interested in it. What is needed for this?

Complete your profile in detail

Create an attractive avatar. If you are a blogger or individual entrepreneur, it is better to put your face, as there is more trust in a living person. The photo should be simple, without small elements.

Briefly, but to the point, without vague wording, describe what you do. Use emoticons to make it easier to read.

Use the keyword in your profile name or nickname. They are indexed by search engines.

Publish at least 10 posts so that the public understands what the page is about.

Come up with a unique hashtag to track your posts.

Analyze target audience and competitors

To interest people, it is important to understand what to offer them. Go through the accounts of competitors. Look:

  • which posts get the most likes and comments;
  • what questions users ask, what they agree and disagree with;
  • how often posts are posted;
  • how account holders interact with followers.

Make a content plan.

After analyzing the target audience, if, of course, you carefully approached it, you will have many ideas about the content. Make a monthly posting schedule. So you can regularly publish posts, and the account will become alive, which means there will be more chances for active growth of subscribers.

Manually subscribe to those who seem to you the target audience. This process is not fast, but several dozen people can be gathered in a week.

Comment on posts in the accounts of competitors or from a related area. It shouldn’t be an advertisement. The reasoned answer, advice, personal experience, etc. Those who like the answer are likely to go to the page.

When the first 200-400 people are recruited, you can switch to automatic promotion. But it is important to remember the limitations.